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About Us

Company Profile

PPI was established in 1988 with a mission to design, develop and manufacture best-in-class, high precision Process Monitoring and Control Systems for diverse industries including Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Cements, and Papers to Nuclear, Scientific and Research Establishments. The relentless efforts in meeting the stringent process requirements from this demanding clientele helped the Company cross several milestones and create a niche of its own. Almost all the products that the company produces are customer and market driven.

PPI boasts of an enviable reputation with several firsts to its credit. Technological excellence embedded with high quality has enabled customers to streamline their processes and plants fast. The fundamental understanding of several processes and thorough knowledge of working mechanisms of numerous equipments has helped the company establish a long-standing relationship with hundreds of medium and large scale OEMs across the country.

The well equipped Production facilities manned by qualified engineers ensure compliances to specifications and standards by subjecting all products to stringent quality checks. Quality audit records are maintained and provided on request.

The strong in-house Design & Development division constantly upgrades and applies its knowledge repository to convert customer needs into products that march in step with the emerging process technologies. The design team encompasses experienced veterans from all disciplines; Hardware, Firmware, System and Application.

For the convenience of our customers, the company has set-up a strategically distributed nationwide Sales and Support Network. The team comprises highly trained field engineers who are always on-the-move to provide onsite product and application support.

The company looks forward to partnering you in your next project and delivering on its promise – as always.