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neuro 100 Z

Enhanced Range Universal Process Indicator for Volume Indication

Enhanced Display Range: -19,999 to 99,999 Counts
Programmable Resolution: 1/0.1/0.01/0.001
4 Programmable Alarms with Optional Relay Outputs
Retransmission Output (0/4-20mA 0-5/10V)
User Selectable DC Linear Inputs: mA/mV/V
Programmable Input Signal Conditioning (Digital Filter & Zero Offset)
24 VDC@30 mA Transmitter Excitation supply Voltage
RS485 MODBUS/RTU Serial Communication Port
DIN Standard Dimensions (mm): 96(H) X 96(W) X 100(D)
Flame-proof Enclosure (Gas Group IIA & IIB) Available
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2 User Manual
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